Victoria Road, Northenden, Manchester M22 4JP

Registered Charity No: 1175846

Working weekend

The theatre, has recently been given Charitable status, and we can now claim Gift Aid, so when renewing either your Patron’s fee or theatre Membership and still paying tax, then please don’t forget to tick the Gift Aid box.

Our first working party weekend was well attended. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped, start cleaning and decorating the new building.

Our intention is to hold the first two plays of the new season at our current venue and be ready for December’s play in the new theatre.

Congratulations to Tom Chinnery, on winning the GMDF 2018 Best Supporting Actor Award for his role of several characters in “Ladies’ Day”


This amateur production of “Snake in the Grass” is presented by kind permission of SAMUEL FRENCH LTD

Sunday’s performance starts at 7pm

All other performances start at 7.30pm

OUR NEXT PLAY:  Oct 21st - 27th 

         will be at Victoria Rd

Our last production “The Dresser”

To view this season’s plays

Twitter @NPTCPlayers


Northenden Players Theatre Club