The Old Library, Church Road, Northenden, Manchester M22 4NN

Registered Charity No: 1175846

Due to the current Covid -19 situation, this page is for reference only. This will be updated when we are allowed to re-open.


All further plays will have an extra night’s performance on a Monday evening.

The new auditorium seats 59, we are unable to add any additional seats.

So as you don’t miss out, make sure you book your tickets asap.

Theatre seating  plan

Seating in the new theatre will be on a raised platform with the stage being on the ground.

Why not pay for your tickets by visa/debit card card at the theatre.

Tickets  are priced at:

Members £7 each

Full Membership costs £20 per year

Senior or Student Membership costs £14 per year

Non- Members £9 each

Full Membership and season ticket holder costs £50 per year


Senior/Student membership & season ticket holder combined costs £44 per year

over the season if you become a member & season ticket holder

or by letter to: NPTC Ticket Secretary, 5 Shirebrook Road, Withington, Manchester M20 4NY

You can guarantee your favourite seat for each production by becoming a season ticket holder

For more information about membership and ticket sales contact our ticket secretary on